What is OTIFT?!

OTIFT is the brain child of a group of Leicester university students, studying to become Operating Depratment Practitioners, but we call ourselves ODPs...

Yeah, we know, you probably haven't heard about us much before but we spend a lot of time looking after you guys in surgery so we created this website to inform of our existance as well as give you some more insight into the world of surgical theatres and maybe clear up any unanswered questions you have.

Being a teenager is that weird time between being a child and being an adult, so most of the time people tend to shoot lower and treat you like kids when it comes to explaining things. That can get frustrating. Trust us, we know. So we created this website so you can share your experiences or learn from others who are around the same age, as well as having any embarrassing questions answered without having to ask your doctor with your mum or dad in the room.


Contact us by email: otift@le.ac.uk


View our project progression document HERE