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This area allows teens who have undergone surgery to share their experiences and help others.

   STORY: Broken Arm - Gillicktt
I am 13 years old. I have just experienced my first surgery. As the time was building up towards the operation day I felt really nervous and anxious and did not know what to expect.

No one had explained anything to me I felt like I did not know what was going to happen at all. As I arrived to the hospital on the day of my procedure I was welcomed by a member of staff on the ward which asked me what seemed to be a million questions, when I had last ate or drank anything, if I had any allergies. They were really nice and understanding towards me as I was nervous. I felt more at ease once I had spoken to the member of staff about my worries but throughout the morning more and more faces kept appearing which made me feel more anxious as I did not see the same person. As the time arrived for me to go down to theatre I was nervous my heart was racing they allowed my mum to come down to theatre with me which made me feel more comfortable. When I got down to theatre the anaesthetist was there and they explained to me what they was going to do and asked if I had any questions which made me feel that they were interested in me and if I had any worries about anything. Before I knew it I was waking up in another room which I felt a bit daunting because I did not know where I was.

I was relieved that surgery had been done and that I had woken up which was my greatest fear which I think is everyone’s fear. Overall my experience and anxiety’s that I had about going to theatre for the first time was not as bad as what I was thinking and expecting. We always think the worst about things especially if we don’t know what to expect.

   STORY: My experience so far - Charlie

I am 15. I am feeling really nervous as I have got the date for my first operation, I am scared I do not know what to expect or what is going to happen to me.

I have spoken to friends and family who have had an operation before but I still do not feel any better about the operation at all they did not understand how I felt or what it is like for me from my prospective. When I went to the hospital to see the doctors before the operation they gave me a leaflet on the procedure that I was going to have so that I could read about it.

I feel really embarrassed about the procedure as it is a sensitive subject for me. I will write again after I have had the operation telling you how I felt and what it was like after the procedure.

   STORY: My life in the operating room - Saz
I am Sarah I am 16 years old. Today I had an operation which is one of the many that I have had since I have been 13.

It feels like every day normal life now (but what is normal). Going to the hospital every week having an operation every couple of months. I want to have a normal childhood no one understands how I feel or what I am going through. My family and friends are really understanding and supporting but they do not understand what I am going through at all. I just need someone to talk to who is going through the same as me. It’s really frustrating. All the hospital staff are really good there they are like part of my family now they know me and I know what to expect now so I not as nervous.

If anyone is going through the same as I am please reply on this forum.


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